Patron Ur
By Ronnie

Intro: I found out about the Swedish Oi! band, Patron Ur over the web. I tell ya, the mp3 and internet revolution are the best thing to happen to rock and roll in the last 10 years! Now you have instant access to bands all around the world that you might not otherwise have heard about.

But back to the band. Forget about any preconceived notions about punks, skinheads and the Oi! movement. Despite the language barrier, Jonas from Patron Ur comes across articulate and intelligent. In this day and age when national pride is something that people try to demonize, its refreshing to see people that stick to their beliefs.

Jonas discusses the band's influences, future plans and shares an interesting story about the paranoia in Sweden regarding the national flag!

E.C.: First, on first listen your songs remind me of what the Ramones would have sounded like as an Oi! band. Also, a little reminiscent of Bad Religion. Your web page mentioned that your band also does covers. What bands do you cover? I'm trying to get an idea of your influences.

Jonas: We play some covers when we're performing live. The covers are mainly from English oi!-bands (Cock Sparrer, Blitz and Exploited) , Swedish punk-bands (Asta kask, Charta 77, Ebba gron) and some own versions of songs from bands we like (Ramones, Cranberries, Eddie Meduza,Kraftwerk). We also get inspiration from other oi!-bands like Dropkick murphys, Perkele, Agent bulldogg etc. Nowadays we don't play much covers since we're quite busy doing new songs, At the moment we have around 15 of our own songs.

E.C.: What is the music scene in Sweden? What is the most popular music form there?

Jonas: Well.. The most popular music form here are pop-music and hiphop and that sort of shit.. We do have a lot of good punkbands, oi!-bands and other bands but they don't get much place in the media.

E.C.: Who writes your originals? I've heard some of the English versions of your songs, but what are the other songs about?

Jonas: I (Jonas) and Erik have written a couple of songs but Pelle has written most of them. The songs are about the future of Sweden, anti-drugs, anti-hippie, the military defence, historic wars, streetfights, drinking alcohol, working class and stuff like that.

E.C.: When your CD is released, will it be a mixture of Swedish and English?

Jonas: We will release a version with only Swedish songs and perhaps someone else will release a CD featuring our English versions. The English songs were made for a compilation-CD which will be released by Anthemique records.

E.C.: I know that "patron ur" is Swedish for the military command, "detail & unload" used at a shooting range. How did you come up with this for the band's name and what do YOU want it to mean?

Jonas: The name comes from an old punk-project that I (Jonas) was involved in a long time ago. We like it because it can mean a lot of things. It can stand for peace (as it means to unload your weapon) or stand for some more militant views (since it is a military command). As a group we are pro-military mainly because of our own interest and because we live in a town dependent on the Swedsih defence as an employer.

E.C.: Please tell me about the Swedish flag incident on your web page. How could anyone mistake it for a Nazi flag? And why didn't you stick to your principles and keep the flag up? I mean, it is a matter of national pride, isn't it?

Jonas: The debate about nazis in Sweden are very infected because of some real nasty incidents. It has gone so far that we can't even use our own flags or sing our national anthem without being accused to be nazis or racists. It's sick but true. I hope it will change one day. We are proud of our country but don't want to have anything to do with nazis thats why we chose not to keep the Swedish flags on our homepage. We even still get some messages in our guestbook from paranoid people who belives that everything associated with patriotism, oi!-music or skins equals racism or nazism.

E.C.: You say your band is "not political", yet on your web page you have signs, which say: NO NAZIS, NO ANARCHY, NO COMMUNISM, NO DRUGS, NO LONGHAIRS AND NO PEACE. Please explain because you can't have it both ways.

Jonas: Of course we are not totally non-political.. If we where totally non-political we would only be able to write lovesongs.. We're into this business to play music that we like, NOT to be some politicians or besserwissers telling everyone else what to do. The hippie movement was very political and the punk movement started as a reaction against that.

E.C.: I love the song, "Never Trust a Hippie", it has hilarious lyrics and has a catchy riff. The picture on your web site (which says, "lita aldrig pa en hippie")-is that the cover for the album, or just the song?

Jonas: We have made alot of photos for the cover of our CD. The picture on our web-site is one of them and we haven't decided wich one to use yet.

E.C.: Will the band play outside of Sweden?

Jonas: Maybe some day.. Probably not in the nearest future because our drummer will do his military service in the Swedish marines for 15 months.

E.C.: What are plans for the release of the album?

Jonas: We are going to record three more songs and then release a CD featuring eleven songs (in Swedish). We will also participate with a couple of songs on a compilation-CD called "Strength of a nation #2" released by Anthemique records.

E.C.: E.C.: What is the future of punk?

Jonas: I hope it will be more back to the roots.. Less politics, more fun...

Oi! And always remember.. Never trust a hippie!

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